Construction Management

Is your project monitoring and control spiraling out of “control?” We provide construction management services aimed at restoring order. With educated and experienced project management services, we streamline your processes, reduce risk, and increase profit margins—our services are readily available wherever and whenever you need them. 

Do you own or operate a thriving construction company that provides excellent quality projects to your clients, but find yourself losing control of the process? 

Many construction companies offer their clientele new construction, renovation, and restoration services. However, the responsibility for adhering to the scope of work, budgets, and schedule can pose a significant source of stress to the owners of such companies. 

At Rylan Business Consulting and Construction Management we offer experienced and educated project management services to help streamline your processes and reduce risk while increasing your profit margin.   


Construction Management

Having the assurance that you can discuss all aspects of your business without any apprehension of judgement or confidentiality issues can enable you to see yourself, others, and your business more clearly. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to capitalize on your strengths and recruit individuals to fill your weaknesses.  

At Rylan we provide Management Coaching and Leadership Training based on years of business experience and education. Lori is a Dr. Brene Brown, Dare To Lead Ó trained business executive with extensive business and project management experience. 


Establishing a clear set of company and project Standard Operating Procedures and processes is essential for your employees understanding of their roles and responsibilities. By presenting these procedures and processes in written form, it effectively conveys the complete lifespan of projects or specific tasks from initiation to completion. 

With the experience and education available at Rylan Business Consulting we have successfully drafted an efficient flow chart of project process and step by step tasks and accountabilities that will assist your company in minimizing risk and maximizing profits! 


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