“I first met Lori while she was instructing a business planning and management course, it was then that I approached her to produce some handbooks regarding project procedures and policies.

The handbooks allow for a clearly guided path for each job as well as the introduction of each new employee. My main purpose for these hand books was my succession planning and reference material for my Foreman, Superintendent's and Project Managers. These books create a consistent approach to every project that each level of my company has access to.

I have no reservations in recommending Rylan Business Consulting for anybody wanting to create a systematic consistent flow to their company.”

- Garry Elliott, Sterling Okanagan Builders

“Lori Gobert delivered a concise project management training session for our engineering team as part of our internal professional development day. In that short period of time, Lori zeroed in on our current processes and hurdles we typically encounter, and offered practical advice on best practices by sharing some of the hard won experience she's acquired.  

Lori’s expertise and level of understanding of project management was very apparent during the session. We look forward to having her speak again on specific project management topics that necessitate a deeper discussion.”

 - Rob Grant P.Eng. Principal

"Thank you so much for all the effort that you put into your work. This is shown in your delivery of the material. It has been a pleasure taking the Business Planning and Management course as well as Project Management and Site Supervision. Your background in construction shows in the presentation of your work. Being able to work thru the program and answer all of the questions brought up in class shows this knowledge. 

I have gained another added approach with the attendance in both courses that I can add to my tool box. Thank you for going over my questions. Good luck on your future endeavours. It was a pleasure meeting you."

- Dominic Vendittelli , Principal - Northwind Construction Ltd.

"Thank you very much Lori. As a retired teacher and counsellor for 28 years, I can say that you sure know how to get your point across. I am certain all of us in the class felt the same. You calm manner and clear communication skills were so helpful in learning and becoming prepared for the exam today. So, all the best to you and once again, thank you."

 - Hardip Sidhu

"I completed the Business Planning and Management course instructed by Lori Gobert yesterday (Sep. 20) at the Burnaby location.

She provided a set of slides that covered the entire book. Lori instructed the course professionally and used the best of our time. I never felt that even a minute was wasted.

Her presentation was good and her voice and tone was perfectly adjusted for the class.

I am very happy that she is the instructor for my next course of Project Management and Site Supervision."

- Kaveh Movazzafi, P.Eng., M.Eng., PMP

“Thank you, Lori. It was an enriching experience to attend the class. You possess amazing skills as a facilitator.”

 - Dr. RPS Kang

"I think you were an excellent instructor! Everything was gone through thoroughly and in detail. The material was easily digested and communicated clearly!

Thanks again and I look forward to attending another one of your courses soon!"

- Mike Shepard, President & Developer - Gatehouse Developments

"Lori Gobert did a great job instructing the course this week not only teaching the course curriculum  but also giving valuable insight and knowledge outside the parameters of the book. 

She kept our team of 11 engaged and enthusiastic about the Project Management and Site Supervision Course. I would highly recommend Lori to others looking to take this course or others."

- Paul Warburton, Project Manager - Noort Homes

It's been an absolute pleasure working with Lori for the last 7 years. She is a strong supporter of education for builders, and as one of our primary instructors for initial builder licensing courses at CHBA BC, she has consistently demonstrated a passion for teaching students and ensuring they have the foundational knowledge in project management to succeed.  

- Jane Tang, Director of Education - CHBA BC 

Lori puts you in drive!  Her business planning and consultation approach is transparent and comprehensive.  Her experience allows her to quickly and effectively navigate.  

She starts with detailed questions to understand where you’re at and what you need.  From there, she offers professional guidance and helps prioritize your business needs.  

Her work is on point and easily fits within your company culture.  She made overwhelming tasks easy and quickly helped us level up our game.  


- Jayson Eisenhauer, Owner -  Hauerbuilt  

“I am the owner of Henderson Construction and Henderson Projects.  When our company was going through a growth and restructure, I was very fortunate to meet Lori.  She helped our company and was engaged with our project manager’s as well as a mentor to myself.  She helped me to work ON the business and less IN the business.  Thank you Lori.” 

Jeff Henderson, Principal - Henderson Construction and Henderson Projects.

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